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In the middle of a global pandemic from the on-going spread of infection and mortality rates caused by the Coronavirus, or otherwise known as COVID-19. The entire United Kingdom, on March 23, 2020, was instructed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to commence an official lockdown and quarantine. Only allowed to exit our homes for essential needs: Shopping for necessities, one form of daily exercise, medical attention, and travel to work.

We are witnessing an unprecedented change in cities around the world, for the first time in the 21st century, we are living among ghost cities. As I am currently living and researching in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a city that is widely known for being ‘small’ yet represents a large presence of interactions across different social groups. It was interesting to consider from an auditory and sonic art perspective how the city sounds like without the presence of humans or the normal amount of human density in popular areas.

There is also the lockdown in one’s own home that strikes an opportunity to consider their immediate sonic environment. Usually we are considerably ‘busy’ people, but this lockdown provides an opportunity to sit and listen to what is around us. The idea is to absorb and focus on local sonic markers that identify your space and surroundings.

Below are on-going projects related to COVID-19, click the title for further information and media

Additional Contributions

1COVID-19 Sound Map

A miniature version version of Project 1: COVID-19_Belfast City has now been included on Prof. Pete Stollery’s COVID-19 Sound Map. These are 30s clips recorded in different parts of the world.

Prof. Pete Stollery is a Professor of Composition and Electroacoustic Music at University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK.

2- Social Distancing Art Festival (SODA)

This website is especially designed to show a variety of artworks that were made during the times of the Covid-19 crisis. Artists from over 20 countries participated in our open call and are represented here. We are aware that the movement of social distancing art is still in its infancy. At the same time we present the selected works of art as documentation, of the present “unimagined” time. Without a doubt, the contributions will last for weeks, months and years and gain relevance as a historical statement.

The Social Distancing Art – Festival SODA is a project of the Arrival Room gUG. Arrival Room gUG is a non-profit organization registered in Saarbrücken (Germany). As a cultural organization Arrival Room promotes art projects of locals and migrants in Germany and beyond.

3- Cities and Memory

This sound map is part of Cities and Memory is a global field recording & sound art work that presents both the present reality of a place and an alternative, reimagined sound world – remixing the world, one sound at at time.

Scroll to Northern Ireland and you will see all 10 files I have recorded.

4- Science + Media Museum Present: Sounds of my quarantine

To celebrate the #WorldListeningDay on 18th July 2020, the Science and Media Museum has launched a collaborative map of the sounds of quarantine! Share with us what you have been listening to in lockdown: what sounds have kept you in touch, cheered you up, calmed you down, made you think, brought back memories, inspired you for the future? You can can share on the map audio files, pictures, videos, YouTube/Soundcloud links, and any other web content!

Scroll to Northern Ireland and you will see all 10 files I have recorded.

5- Radio Aporee – Soundscapes in the Pandemic:

The platform radio aporee is online since about 2000, the project radio aporee ::: maps has started 2006. it is a global soundmap dedicated to field recording, phonography and the art of listening. it connects sound recordings to its places of origin, in order to create a sonic cartography, publicly accessible as a collaborative project. It contains recordings from numerous urban, rural and natural environments, disclosing their complex shape and sonic conditions, as well as the different perceptions, practices and artistic perspectives of its many contributors. this makes it a valuable resource for art, education and research projects, and for your personal pleasure.

In addition to aspects of collecting, archiving and sound-mapping, the radio aporee platform also invokes experiments at the boundaries of different media and public space. within this notion, radio means both a technology in transition and a narrative. it constitutes a field whose qualities are connectivity, contiguity and exchange. concepts of transmitter/ receiver and performer/ listener may become transparent and reversible.

  1. Albert Memorial Clock / Albert Memorial Clock:
  2. Commercial Court / Commercial Court:
  3. St-Anne Cathedral / St-Anne Cathedral:
  4. 5-15 Wilsons Ct, Belfast BT1 4DQ, UK / The Entries:
  5. 5f William St S, Belfast BT1 5DY, UK / Arthur Square:
  6. Belfast City Hall / Belfast City Hall:
  7. Great Northern Mall, Belfast BT2 7QG, UK / Great Victoria Street:
  8. 22 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast BT2 7DB, UK / Shaftesbury Square:
  9. Botanic Gardens / Botanic Gardens:
  10. Queens University Belfast / Queens University Belfast:

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