Cupar Way (middle)

Focusing on the concept of sonification (data that is translated to sound), this soundscape takes a creative approach to the interactions with the murals, wall, and surrounding material. You will be listening to the interactions of the cracks in the wall, the electromagnetic energy, the peeled layers from some of the paintings, and all of this blurred with the natural environment. It is to promote alternative perception to the space, structures, and art in this area.

You’re free to interact with these layers on the Peace Wall. Touch and feel these different materials while listening. Take some time to read the message about artwork.


Cupar Way – Conway St

St.Gall’s Ave (Bottom)

St. Gall’s Ave -Bombay St (Green field)

Bombay St – Kashmir Rd

Cupar Way – Lawnbrook Ave

Cupar Way (middle)

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