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According to CAIN: “Peacelines, or peace walls, are physical barriers between the Protestant / Loyalist community and the Catholic / Nationalist community in certain areas in Northern Ireland. The walls are usually constructed of concrete, stone, and / or steel, and can be over 6 metres tall. The ‘official’ peacelines grew out of barricades that the local communities erected themselves during periods of intense conflict in 1969 (and in later years). When the British Army was deployed in August 1969 it replaced the existing barricades with barbed-wire barriers of its own. It had been hoped that these would only be needed temporarily. However, the barbed-wire barriers were replaced with more permanent structures and over the years new peace walls have been erected and older ones extended in length and height. The peacelines represent the most visible form of the ‘sectarian interfaces’ between the two main communities in Northern Ireland.” (Ulsteracuk, 2019)

Peace Wall Belfast Soundwalks (sound walk at the Peace Wall Belfast) ~1hr15min

A binaural immersive experience with six soundscapes composed to highlight relationships between realism and perception of different sonic markers or events occurring throughout the year. It questions how we listen to what we’re seeing, and what we’re seeing is it being heard?

Join me for a binaural soundwalk exploring and listening to soundscapes inspired by the spaces surrounding the Peace Wall.

Please bring a mobile device (with access to the internet) and headphones.

This project is now accessible via Echoes (GPS soundwalks – Available on the Apple Store and Google Playstore):
Download or Stream the Soundwalk

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The project was first conceived in 2019, as part of my Masters in Research (MRes) final project for the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queen’s University Belfast.
More information about the full research and projects can be found here:


Please click the link, read, press play, and follow along!
**there is no specific order to the soundscapes**

Peace Wall-Belfast-Soundwalk-Locations-Points of Interest
Soundwalk Locations

St. Gall’s Ave (bottom)

St. Gall’s Ave -Bombay St (Green field)

Bombay St – Kashmir Rd

Cupar Way – Lawnbrook Ave

Cupar Way (middle)

Cupar Way – Conway St

Thank you for visiting and experiencing this artistic research project.
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